15 March 2011

Whole30-Halfway point.

I gave the blog I facelift. In the process, I deleted the existing comments on accident. My apologies, I promise I wasn't upset with the comments and removing them out of spite. I also added some ways to follow if you're interested.

Well I am on day 16 of Whole30 today, which is a little over my halfway point. For those of you familiar with the conquest, I have updates for you. (If you need a little background-check back 2 posts or so.)

In summary, it's going great. I've had one difficult night when we met a friend for dinner in LA but otherwise it's been smooth sailing and much less difficult than I first anticipated.

First up: some of my better meals for the week and in general my routines. This information is not to try to look awesome because as far as meals go, I'm not the best blog you could be watching to plan your meals. But it does provide you a little insight into how to start your own Whole30 quest. There are some much more creative people with better culinary ideas than "your humble correspondent." But I am a busy, poor college kid so maybe you can relate to that a little more. Also, I have a solid amount of resources here to provide you the opportunity to be one of those energetic chefs if you so choose.

Breakfasts: In general, the fastest possible because maximum sleep is of utmost importance in my book.
I tend to roll with the banana/Sunbutter combo or 2-3 eggs sunny side up with hot sauce. I have also found unsalted almond butter at the Trader Joe's here which is equally as delicious. (I almost cried in Trader Joe's when I realized my little perfect lifestyle from Fort Collins is about to be gone and replaced with the sadness of the Mojave wasteland.)

Recipes for this week: "Fauxjacks"Scotch EggsEggs with sauce

Lunch: During weekdays, I don't get a lunch break. So I pack items that can be eaten on the fly. I've basically always just thrown in apples, oranges, kiwis and a bag of assorted nuts which I buy in bulk so I can mix and match later. Sometimes if I'm lucky, I'll have leftovers that are microwaveable. I'm going to try to plan for that a lot more this week. Cliff and I scored big time this week finding some great dinner/next day leftovers which are about to be mentioned in the dinner section.

Dinner: This is the easiest yet hardest meal of the day. Easiest because you have home court advantage with all kitchen supplies at the ready. Hardest because after a long day the last thing you want to do is come home and spend time cooking before you can feed your exhausted, ravenous self. My main goal is to find something easy. This to me means I can either throw it in the food processor and then eat OR it can sit on the stove or in the oven while I multitask by accomplishing other necessary household things, like washing the endless dish pile. The best of the week: Sweet Potato Hash, any meat at all with amazing bbq sauce, chicken and celery with mock peanut sauce, King Salmon cooked in olive oil with lemon, dill, and finely sliced carrots. I'll post this separate recipe later. Note: My peanut sauce was only 1/4 clove crushed garlic and missing the coconut aminos because I couldn't find it. I was perfectly happy. Also, all of these are great for next day lunches.

Coming up for dinner: Me finding an orange glaze sauce for meat, Lamb Kabobs with veal insteadchili

Questions? I will now answer some common questions you might be having, if I miss a question feel free to ask and I'd love to answer.

1: How are you feeling?
Great. I've also been making a point to get 8 hours of sleep per night and work out at least 4 days a week so it's honestly hard to attribute energy levels to diet habits alone but if you dig around the Whole30 site you'll see that they strongly promote all 3 areas to be in good health. I've been making it through 8am classes without any urge to nod off as well as skipping that 2pm afternoon crash I dealt with previously.

2. Are you having a ton of cravings?
Nope. Day 2/3 ish I was really wanting some sugar cookies or Peanut Butter Tagalongs but Girl Scout cookies aren't really a fair craving standard. Who DOESN'T want some Girl Scout cookie deliciousness?? It was a little bit of a sad transition to go from caramel syrup in my morning latte to strait espresso but it's normal now. It's really just become a thought of "No, I'm not eating that because it has high fructose corn syrup" rather than feeling restricted and taunted.

3. Have you noticed a difference in your size?
Yep. Within the first week, my clothes fit looser. It's not that I lost fat or toned up immediately but that my body isn't bloated. (Which makes sense especially for cutting out salt.) I will post later if I eat some salt and blow up like a balloon :) A lovely little friend of mine also halfway done reports the same results and bought jeans a size smaller already.

4. Do your taste buds actually adapt to love stupid, boring celery?
Affirmative. I can verify this based on true events from last night. I made the aforementioned delicious "peanut" sauce and I was completely satisfied. Cliff tried it and said it was pretty bland. I made him his own batch with peanut butter instead of almond butter and added some soy sauce. He also threw in a few cashews or something trying to be creative haha. This new sauce was acceptable to him and I was perfectly happy with my paleo sauce. I can also drink coffee with just a splash of coconut milk and be satisfied. Mind you, it's not my favorite but I don't gag anymore like day 1.

5. What about your hair and skin?
This will also be something I'll update well after the fact since it's just too early to tell. But I am watching it and I will post later.


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