11 March 2011

the verdict on no shampoo

Should you actually quit using shampoo?


I hate to start my first verdict out with a maybe but I can't stand behind a definite yes or no; my hand is forced. 
I will stand behind the idea that most people are shampooing too frequently. I will also say that I think it would be beneficial to take a shampoo hiatus and let your body relax a bit. From then on, shampoo only once or twice a week. If you have curly, dry hair then try no shampoo. Here is what I found to be a good process to accomplish it effectively with a little rhyme and reason to explain.
 Note: If you are a hair product junkie; you have a choice. Lay off the products or keep using shampoo as you are. This comes strait from the stylist's lips.

1. I'd recommend finding a time it's acceptable to look borderline non-hygienic and go as long as you can without shampooing. I've read brushing your hair with a bristle brush helps distribute oils to the ends, which I tried, and I didn't notice a big difference one way or the other. If you have curly hair (like me) I'd also advise straitening it pre sans shampoo lifestyle. It's easier to keep the tangles out as well as style without looking embarrassingly disgusting. At this point, invest in some dry shampoo or use cornstarch (harder to rub out). Wait it out.

2. When you finally crack and need to wash it there are a few options. Some people say they rinsed often with only water (all methods assume you really rub your scalp down). I found this to be horrible. My hair was oily, frizzy, and overall nasty. Second choice-use only conditioner. This is what I have been doing for the last few weeks with great success. It's not AS lightweight and lustrous as using shampoo but it's pretty damn close. Third option-baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Mix the baking soda to a paste, rub on your scalp, let sit a few minutes, wash out. Then dilute the cider vinegar, pour through your hair, let it sit, wash out. I did this as my first wash before I was warned that this will strip the living beejeesis out of your color (luckily mine was already faded).  If you don't color or only highlight-go for it.

Keep repeating steps 1 and 2 over and over until a. you find what works best for you or b. you hate your hair and yourself and just want to use shampoo like a normal person.

Personally, I am going to use only conditioner for a few months, cut the hair product input and see how it goes. When I got my hair colored last week, Bre shampooed it and much to the contrary of other people's experiences all was well. My scalp didn't freak out, I didn't get crazy dandruff. So, if I find a time where I need to use alot of product and shampoo to wash it out, so be it. But as is, I'm pretty satisfied to not have greasy hair the next morning after I shower.


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