28 February 2011

Kickin it off-Whole30 Style!

I officially started my 30 day countdown today. If you aren't one of the fortunate people that have heard me ramble on and on about how cool the Whole30 program is then I behoove you to click this link before you go any further:

For those of you who have heard the rambles, I will proceed to share my findings with you. My meals today consisted of:
Breakfast: Two strait espresso shots. (blkasasdhf) Banana with Sunbutter. You can buy that stuff at King Soop's (Kroger for you Texas friends). A little note-get the organic kind, not natural. Make sure to read the ingredients.
Lunch: Almonds (make sure to check for not salted). And again, banana with Sunbutter. (I swear to God I'm going to end up eating bananas every day. They are too convenient: cheap and easy to transport...)
Dinner: Lettuce wrapped burgers with tomato and onion. 
Dessert: "Mango Cream" I went with the almonds and raspberry addition. 

So, I have read that your taste buds adjust to natural sugars and you appreciate real food more. I really hope so because a lettuce burger with no condiments was pretty blah. Shmaw. Other than that, it's not too bad. I feel glad that I am taking care of my body. Also, I have already noticed a paradigm shift. As I finished the rest of my groceries before starting the Whole30, I noticed ingredients exponentially more and to be quite honest-I don't want to keep eating crappy, empty food. I've really been inspired to change; my entire perspective of food is different and I truly do want to eat good quality meals. I also want to try Crossfit but that is for a future Faith and Cliff that have money. 

So here are the goods: 

I want to highlight the most useful links on my page in my opinion. And I want to point out what they are called for easy reference. I feel like half the battle with healthy meals is: 
1. Not eating boring, gross meals. 
2. Coming up with ideas for said meals. 

Without further ado:

Useful Blog #1
This lady is not only hilarious but has a plethora of tested recipe links. Her blog is to the left under "Blogs of Interest" and titled "The Clothes Make the Girl" You can get to her recipes right from her home page by clicking the "Dino-Chow" button. But here is the direct link for now:

Also under "Blogs of Interest", "The Nap Clan." This is a mom who did the Whole30 and posted great recipe ideas by week. This is also fantastic because she posts recipes to other pages, which can lead you on a great stumble of a recipe treasure hunt. 

"Everyday Paleo" under "Links" to the left. From what I gather, this lady wrote a book about it and now has this website as well. It's not a strait up recipe list but she also does have good, practical advice as well.

"Paleo Recipes", also under Links. (Another recipe heavy page). This page also outlines specifics of the Paleo diet, which is nice. But keep in mind-the Whole30 is not the EXACT same as Paleo. Some recipes may be Paleo certified but a no-no-no in the Whole30 club. (Watch out for salt). 

It's important to note that just because I highlighted these 4 blogs doesn't mean you can skip the others posted. That would be sad choice for you because they are great. They were cool enough to get posted on the home screen so I promise it's worth AT LEAST some skim action. Also, if you have some other great sites please share them. I would love nothing more than to read more information and post it so others can too. 

If you are interested in the quest for no shampoo, read on. If you don't give a crap, that's all the rest of the blog consists of so don't waste your time. 

Week 2 with no shampoo. 
I can officially give shampoo the big middle finger. (Suck it shampoo!)

Here is how I arrived at such a conclusion; I used the baking soda/cider wash technique Saturday morning. It's currently Monday night and my hair has looked fine all day. Tomorrow might be a hat day but I'm trying to test the waters to see how the oil production adjustments are faring. I blow dried and flat ironed my hair Saturday and it wasn't frizzy, didn't smell, and looked just as clean as if I'd used shampoo. That was enough convincing for me. 

It should be mentioned that I still have that weird I forgot to wash out all the conditioner feeling and I think that contributes a lot to my hair being ...pliable and staying where I move it more than usual. It also does tangle a bit easier so I make sure to brush it out with a normal brush then a boar bristle to help distribute oil. 

Still brainstorming ideas for the next adventure so seriously, if you have something that's worth doing then share it. And I really do emphasize the seriously. 


  1. Hi Faith,
    Another great post. As a fellow "The Clothes Make the Girl" fan, I also enjoy your perspective. As a blogger for SunButter, glad it fits your plan. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. "So, I have read that your taste buds adjust to natural sugars and you appreciate real food more."

    I can say without a doubt this part is 100% true. I don't remember exactly how long it took -- maybe a few weeks -- but we definitely started noticing things we thought were bland before having a lot more flavors, especially vegetables and fruit.

    Good luck.