25 February 2011

The Ongoing No-Shampoo Challenge

day 6 without shampoo

Quick update | Since last post, I washed my hair with conditioner and lemon juice (got the idea from the book Curly Girl). Check it out on Amazon if you're curious.  My hair has been following my normal greasy cycle since I began on Sunday, until yesterday. Here is how it went downhill.

When I reached the typical too dirty/time to wash point last night, I decided to just use water since I read that it's good to let the natural oils reach the end of your hair. (Using only water is also theoretically supposed to help your body realize how much to adjust its oil productions.) I made sure to rub my scalp pretty well in an attempt to remove as much dirty crap as possible. But it was just so oily still on the whole top half of my head. At this point in the shower I thought to myself, "crap, I've reached the unsatisfactory point." Shmaw.

Post shower, after soaking up the excess water, the ends of my hair felt both dry and frizzy but at the same time oily. (WTF.) The best way I can try to convey the texture would be to say, "picture the way your hair feels when you don't quite rinse all the conditioner out." I wouldn't call it dirty and greasy but it definitely feels heavier and looks dull (it doesn't smell). I tried to put a bit of olive oil to help frizz problem and it just made the ends worse. My goal was the wait to do the baking soda wash until the oil production had balanced itself out pretty well but I'm caving and using it tonight.

Next order of business | 3 more days until staring the Whole30. I have been doing loads of research to find out specifically what they deem worthy of ingesting. Also, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of recipe and meal ideas so I don't end up eating a banana for every meal. This is beneficial to all of you because I have posted the best resource findings to date on the blogski. Please comment if you have other great sources of information; I'd love to read it then post it for anyone else on the home page.

Finally | As if all of these ridiculous things aren't enough to keep me occupied for awhile, I'm beginning to brainstorm for the next topics to tackle. Things I have found so far: people who try to reduce their global impact by 90% in one year (crazy and interesting), an awesome budgeting site (no one likes wasting money), and I'm considering doing a product review for something such as P90X or Rosetta Stone (600$ is alot to waste if it's a POS).

So I am issuing an official call for entries meeting the following criteria:
1. Something you would like to do or at the very least would be interested in reading.
2. Can have measurable progress or a defined outcome (for the most part).
3. Isn't stupid/lame.


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