20 February 2011

A very brief introduction

Lately, I have had a more than usual interest in learning new things and pursuing my interests. Reading stories from people online who have tried some of these things was probably the most inspiring, so I have decided to join your ranks and inform others. From now on, I will be experimenting in areas outside of my knowledge and posting the progress along the way. Since all of these things are new to me, please share any experience or wisdom you deem helpful.

Without further ado, Adventure #1.
Should you quit using shampoo?

Oh no, whoa! That's too disgusting, what a dirty hippie! While I already do hold off on washing my hair as much as possible to keep it healthy and make my color last; let it be said that if you call me a hippie I will hate you for life. (...It was hard to think of something internet-appropriate here. Are you allowed to threaten people from your blog...?)

Before you judge me as disgusting, google "no shampoo" for yourself and read a few articles. From doing this myself, I found the new things to try for my first adventure of becoming more awesome. They include shampoo substitutions as: just water, baking soda + water, conditioner with lemon juice and cornstarch in between washing. (If you know me, you know my love for baby powder to postpone showers on greasy hair.) Apparently corn starch is more natural, so whatever, I'll give it a try.

Results from day 1, post gym shower. I tried out the baking soda first. Apparently an apple cider vinegar rinse afterwards helps balance pH and I had it at home anyway so I splashed that on too. I think I missed a few spots with the baking soda-water mixture because I still have some heavy feeling areas but oh well. Also, I don't know if the no shampoo people support using leave in conditioners or hair products but I am still using mine for now. My hair doesn't smell like vinegar and most of it's dried in non-greasy form.

I'll be doing this for as long as it's not a complete trainwreck and doing more adventures on the side. Coming up- the Whole30 or Paleo diet, should you do it or does it suck? I'm starting February 28 and we shall see.

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